King Hua’s dim sum is celebrated, and for good reason: sticky rice in lotus leaves, pan-fried turnip cake, char siu bao—they’re fantastic. But after dropping in on King Hua one night, Chowhound dreamcast18 is rethinking the conventional wisdom about this Alhambra restaurant. Dinner might actually be better than dim sum.

“Not sure why this place isn’t more popular,” says dreamcast18, who thinks the food is on par with the best restaurant cooking in China. Cantonese e-fu noodles with four kinds of mushroom varieties were excellent; so was a generously portioned pot of sea cucumber, fish maw, tofu, and mustard greens (pictured). The steamed eggplant special with ground pork and preserved vegetables? Perfect, dreamcast18 says. “We have very biased Singaporean taste buds, [but] this will be our go-to place for a good Chinese/Cantonese dinner.”

King Hua [San Gabriel Valley]
2000 West Main Street, Alhambra

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Photo by Chowhound user dreamcast18

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