Throw a rock in the San Gabriel Valley and chances are you’ll hit a Chinese restaurant that has killer dumplings, beef noodle soup, or fish fried rice. Japanese food is scarcer, though you could seek out Tokyo Ramen, a no-frills place in Monterey Park serving ramen, katsu, and sushi.

After two visits, dreamcast18 reports on Chowhound that the sushi is fresh and the tonkotsu ramen good, though this is no high-end destination. Lunch plates can become combo plates by adding rolls or sashimi—nothing novel there, though Tokyo Ramen does throw one wicked curve ball: chocolate cheesecake. It’s delicious. “This might be my default lunch place,” says dreamcast18. “For the price, unbeatable.”

Tokyo Ramen [San Gabriel Valley]
812 S. Atlantic Boulevard, 
Monterey Park

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Photo from Tokyo Ramen / Facebook

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