Blue cheese can add epic scale and complexity to baked goods, from sweet-savory biscuits that work as an appetizer or dessert to breads that give soups and salads a lift. Here are five recipes Chowhounds love:

1. Classic slice-and-bake cookies get a savory makeover in Saint Agur blue cheese sablés from Serious Eats. They’re “sublime and so simple.” –HillJ

2. Fig and blue cheese savouries—buttery rounds of dough topped with a dab of preserves before baking—are “very easy and always a hit.” –jlhinwa

3. Julia Child’s talmouses au fromage, puff-pastry bites with blue cheese filling, are great to keep in the freezer for last-minute appetizers. –Terrie H.

4. Giada’s salami and Gorgonzola biscuits add a double dose of savory to a classic from the American South. –juliejulez

5. For “trashily wonderful” pull-apart bread, pop open a tube of refrigerated biscuits, cut each into quarters, then toss with melted butter and crumbled blue cheese. Arrange in a pie plate, sprinkle with garlic powder, and bake. –biondanonima

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Photo by Flickr member Madame Fromage1 under Creative Commons

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