It’s common for popular LA food trucks to morph into brick-and-mortars. Culver City’s LA Spice began as a creative catering company. Now it’s LA Spice Café, which opened its doors in February on a quiet stretch of Sepulveda Boulevard. The early word on Chowhound is very promising.

For instance, bulavinaka notes the kitchen’s focus on ingredients. For breakfast there’s a chicken sausage omelet with French Gruyère, melted leeks, and fennel pollen. For lunch, there’s the Royal Treatment grilled cheese (Beemster aged goat Gouda, Pawlet artisanal cow’s-milk cheese from Vermont), and a banh mi stuffed with star anise–braised pork belly. Salads, soups, a kids menu, daily entrée specials, and an array of baked goods are also offered. Thumbs-up for the crème fraîche cake with berries and a buttery croissant. Same for a croque monsieur (pictured) and veggie scramble. “I will definitely return to try more of their menu—all of it just sounds so promising,” bulavinaka says.

LA Spice Café [Culver City]
4357 Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City

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Photo from LA Spice Café / Facebook

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