There are many places to grab great Mexican food in Los Angeles, but Chowhound DFox says that Latino Market in Thousand Oaks serves some pretty epic tacos. Not only that, fellow ‘hound liu says, but at $1.19 a pop, they’re insanely cheap.

The corn tortillas are soft and hot, filled with grilled steak that’s good, not greasy, along with tomatillo salsa and drifts of onion and cilantro (pictured). On weekends the tacos hit the street, via a grill cart that stays out in front of the store till 1:30 a.m. Besides tacos, Latino Market sells flautas, tamales, chilaquiles, and more, as well groceries, marinated meats, and salsas.

Latino Market [San Fernando Valley]
711 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks

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Photo from Latino Market

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