If you’ve always wanted to explore authentic Japanese cooking but haven’t known where to start, check out these cookbooks and online resources that Chowhounds swear by:

Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art by Shizuo Tsuji. A comprehensive guide to traditional Japanese cooking that covers all the basic techniques, with detailed instructions and lots of background information. (It’s also a former Chowhound Cookbook of the Month.)

The Japanese Kitchen by Hiroko Shimbo. An accessible, easy-to-follow encyclopedia of Japanese home cooking that explains food terms and kitchen tools, with foundation recipes and variations.

Japanese Family-Style Recipes by Hiroko Urakami. A smaller book with clear, simple recipes for dishes you’re likely to make as a beginner, each accompanied by a photo.

Cooking with Dog. A popular YouTube channel with video demonstrations of useful recipes with accompanying ingredient lists, under the watchful eye of Francis (pictured).

Just Hungry. In her Japanese food blog, Makiko Itoh demonstrates Japanese Cooking 101, a series of lessons that explain basic cooking techniques, with related recipes and shopping lists.

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Photo still from YouTube / Cooking with Dog

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