You aren’t likely to see turkey eggs at the supermarket, but you might get lucky and find some from a heritage-breed turkey vendor at a farmers’ market, foodieX2 says on Chowhound. Modern production-optimized turkeys are killed long before they reach laying age, John E. explains. And even when mature, turkeys just aren’t as productive as chickens at producing eggs. That means turkey eggs have more value for hatching into turkeys than for turning into omelets, Bacardi1 says.

But if you manage to find turkey eggs, you’ll probably be amazed by the flavor. They’re larger than chicken eggs, with a richness that comes from their higher yolk-to-white ratio.

Duck eggs, too, are larger and richer-tasting than chicken eggs, and a bit easier to find than turkey ones. Meanwhile, if you ever find guinea fowl eggs at a farmers’ market you’ve hit the jackpot, JMF says. Even though the shells are hard to crack without making a mess, guinea fowl eggs have a very light taste and a lovely creamy texture.

Then again, even more than the meat, the flavor of any type of egg really does depend on the layer’s diet, Bacardi1 points out. It’s yet another reason to know your poultry farmer!

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