Reserve one of the eight or so nightly seats at Kappo, the month-old tasting dinner at David Chang’s Má Pêche, and you might get an unexpected phone call from a stranger. But before you block Chef Paul Carmichael, you should know that he’s a pleasant, enthusiastic guy who’s calling only to glean your likes and dislikes in food and drink—intel that will inform a leisurely 10-course meal, matched with customized beverages if you choose, that Will4Food describes on Chowhound as an eater’s adventure, “a parade of exotic, flavorful, and quirky dishes.”

This freewheeling feast—none of which, save dessert, is from Má Pêche’s regular menu—might include scrambled eggs with barbecued pig tails; a bread course of house-baked challah (pictured) drenched in smoked duck fat; or a pair of lobsters, dispatched with dramatic ceremony. The playfully global menu might also offer congee with egg yolk and seafood or DIY mofongo, the Puerto Rican staple of mashed plantain, along with a crash course in how to make it, ingredients and equipment provided. Drink pairings are diverse, generously poured, and “in perfect sync with the food,” reports Will4Food, whose party enjoyed a rare cider, hard-to-find Prié Blanc from Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, and a late-meal piña colada, among other libations. “Chef Carmichael and team are on to something here,” he says.

Kappō is served at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday for $95 plus $65 for wine and cocktail pairings.

Kappō at Má Pêche [Midtown]
In the Chambers Hotel, 15 W. 56th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), Manhattan

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Photo by kosmose7

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