Chowhound janethepain was prepared to be underwhelmed by Feast, a three-week-old restaurant working the well-trod turf of market-driven American small plates. Instead she was won over by a multicourse exploration of lamb, Feast’s meat of the month. Standouts in her party’s $48 three-course dinner, comprising nine different dishes, included lamb belly shepherd’s pie with sweet potato, lamb shank “lasagna” with goat cheese and preserved lemon (“ridiculously tasty”), potato gratin with vadouvan curry spices, and a fricassee of Brussels sprouts with butternut squash and pearl onions. “It was fantastic in flavor and value,” she says, “really tasty and creative food.” (A vegetarian three-course dinner is $38.)

The rest of the menu, from Veritas alumnus Christopher Meenan, includes beet ravioli, porcini-crusted halibut, and a plate of oxtail and egg with “crispy bearnaise.” No word yet from ‘hounds on the daytime bakery and café run by Brian Ghaw (Savoy Bakery). Dinner reservations are easy to score but perhaps not for long, janethepain fears: “it’s only a matter of time before this place gets busier.”

Feast [East Village]
102 Third Avenue (at E. 13th Street), Manhattan

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Photo from Feast / Facebook

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