A passion for grilling prompted Aharon Klein to open the first Fish Grill in 1986, a casual seafood spot specializing in cooking over mesquite charcoal. The original location is on Beverly Boulevard in Mid-City, and its success eventually led Klein to expand his operations: two spin-offs in West LA, and a third in Malibu. Klein touts the high quality and kosher aspect of his fish (fins and scales remain on, for instance, which is in keeping with rabbinical standards).

Recent buzz on Chowhound indicates that Klein’s restaurants are still turning out good food. ‘Hound lil mikey gives the Beverly Boulevard original a thumbs-up. Wild-caught ahi came off the grill firm, flavorful, and moist, next to a “perfectly tart” side of slaw. The fries were great (good texture, not too greasy), though you can get a baked potato or rice instead. Another winner: a crispy fish sandwich, the white meat flaky beneath a crunchy surface, with onions and sauce providing a nice “counterpunch.”

Fish Grill [Mid-City]
7226 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles
See website for other locations

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Photo from Fish Grill

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