Torrance’s Ramen Hayatemaru opened a spin-off recently in the old Waraya space on West Olympic Boulevard, a move bound to make the ramen competition in Little Osaka a bit steamier, PeterCC reports on Chowhound.

After hearing good things about Hayatemaru’s sister location in Torrance, PeterCC stopped in and tried gyoza and Hokkaido ramen with tonkotsu broth (pictured). The gyoza had thin skins wrapped around lots of pork and asatsuki (garlic chives), and were fried perfectly crisp. The ramen was straightforward but good: noodles cut for easy slurping, two slices of chashu, and a fully cooked ajitsuke tamago (soft-boiled egg). PeterCC’s verdict: “I would definitely go back.”

Ramen Hayatemaru [Westside – Inland]
11678 W. Olympic Boulevard, 
Los Angeles
No phone available

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Photo by PeterCC

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