Burmese food shows the influence of its neighbors, Thailand, China, and India. Local Chowhound revets2 is familiar with food on the ground in Burma (also known as Myanmar), and reports that the cooking at Daw Yee Myanmar Café in Monterey Park is the real thing.

The restaurant is a family affair, overseen by Daw Yee herself. Prices are low, and the popularity high for traditional Burmese dishes like mohinga, rice noodles in catfish broth. There’s also fermented tea leaf salad (pictured), tofu with chickpeas and turmeric, and a salad of fried tofu, cabbage, tomatoes, and onions called tofu thoke. Oh, and don’t pass up slow-cooked lamb curry in masala sauce.

Portions are large enough that most diners leave with leftovers. “Lucky them,” revets2 says.

Daw Yee Myanmar Café [San Gabriel Valley]
111 N. Rural Drive
, Monterey Park

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Photo from Daw Yee Myanmar Café / Facebook

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