Oakland may be experiencing a restaurant renaissance right now, but most of the magic happens at night. Where to grab a great lunch in or near downtown, in broad daylight? Chowhounds kicked it around and came up with these four dishes you shouldn’t miss:

• Thumbs-up for Rio California Cafe‘s feijoada, the famous meat and black-bean stew from Brazil (served Wednesday through Thursday, 1233 Preservation Park Way; 510-834-2565).

• The sandwiches at Stag’s Lunchette (362 17th Street; 510-835-7824) come with a sweet potato hot sauce that 10foot5 calls “the condiment I’ve been waiting for all my life.” Get a Coke-braised beef sandwich and explore the awesome sides.

• A refined version of the classic pub plowman’s platter (cured meat, pickles, cheese, chutney) is the thing at Commonwealth Café (pictured) (2882 Telegraph; 510-663-3001).

• At Rosamunde Sausage‘s new outpost in Old Oakland (911 Washington; 510-338-3108), the wild boar sausage with sweet peppers, kraut, and honey wasabi mustard just crushes it.

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Photo by Flickr member agahran under Creative Commons

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