Corso is a good place to dine alone at the counter, watching the line cooks prepare the Berkeley restaurant’s signature rustic Italian dishes with a Florentine twist, TopoTail says on Chowhound. He dined there recently and loved the meal, from crispy grilled branzino to perfect panna cotta, but a highlight of the experience was watching the kitchen choreography from a counter seat: unspooling nests of pasta, pan-roasting chickens in sizzling butter (pictured), and tasting sugo from flame-licked pans. For other good chef’s counter dining options in the SF Bay Area, check out this 2010 discussion (note: Lafitte has since closed).

Corso [East Bay]
1788 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Discuss: Corso: Watching from the Counter

Photo from Trattoria Corso / Facebook

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