Sometimes, traveling or living abroad, you see the locals eating something really cool, or eating the same old thing in an exciting way. In Oaxaca, spigot learned to put a little chile pepper and lime on fresh fruit–it sharpens the flavor and undercuts the sweetness. In Italy, piccola learned to toss a chunk of Parmesan rind into soup to add flavor. BobB likes to serve quince paste with sharp cheese, as he learned in Madrid. (Other Madrid fare: fried whole anchovies.) And lots of chowhounds like to rub ripe tomatoes on crusty bread, with or without a pinch of salt, as they do in Barcelona.

In Melbourne, oakjoan learned to love the combination of yogurt, stewed rhubarb, and meusli for breakfast. In Ecuador, Dave MP learned to add a cut-up banana to arroz con pollo, and to put bits of sharp, hard Andean cheese in hot chocolate. Taralli learned to love Greek breakfast offerings, like octopus marinated in olive oil, lemon, and oregano. In Uganda, Hoosierland learned that fried grasshoppers make a fantastic snack with beer.

And do not limit your fries to a ketchup bath. Malt vinegar, mayonnaise, and bearnaise sauce all make great international condiments for french fries.

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