Shorty Goldstein’s, a Jewish deli in San Francisco’s Financial District, has been a mob scene since the day it opened in early March. Chowhound lakemerritter reports that a 20-person line at 12:30 p.m. is a regular occasion, and that the sandwiches sell out. Best advice to ensure the full menu will be available: Go early.

For $10, you get a corned beef sandwich on excellent rye baked by Cinderella Bakery in the Richmond District. Quality dill pickle spears come gratis, offering a tangy crunch that nicely offsets the fatty cut of meat.

For the price, the plain-jane meat and mustard sandwich seems a bit basic (though rents in this district have given rise to things like the obscenely expensive salad bar). Still, for a sloppy, satisfying, equivalently priced corned beef sandwich with lots of toppings, The Sentinel‘s version is still tops, lakemerritter says.

Shorty Goldstein’s [Financial District]
126 Sutter Street, San Francisco

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Photo of a Rachel sandwich from Shorty Goldstein’s / Facebook

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