At Culver City’s month-old WildCraft Sourdough Pizza, the Neapolitan pies are cooked in a brick oven made by a third-generation builder from Naples, but there’s a California twist: a slow-rising sourdough crust. It’s thicker than a traditional Neapolitan pizza, a fact that Neopolitan purists might take issue with. But there’s too much to like about WildCraft to quibble, Chowhound Dommy says.

For one thing, that sourdough crust is delicious, plus it’s nicely charred and has excellent meat toppings. Beyond that, the Caesar salad with artichokes is first-rate. New Trial likes the quality cuts on the Carnage pizza (prosciutto, pepperoni, porchetta, and sausage), and loves the fried, sausage-wrapped olives, “the olive version of a Scottish egg.”

WildCraft Sourdough Pizza [Westside – Inland]
9725 Culver Boulevard, Culver City

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Photo from WildCraft Sourdough Pizza / Facebook

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