Pastrami fans have been scrambling for fresh options since one of their go-to spots, Sarge’s Deli, was sidelined by a fire in November. Chowhound lemarais offers one: Pastrami Queen on the Upper East Side. Its pastrami on rye is “WONDERFUL!”—more than a pound of moist, thick-cut meat on terrific bread.

“Much to my doctor’s chagrin, looks like this can become a regular stop,” adds lemarais, who thinks Pastrami Queen, the Manhattan descendant of a half-century-old Queens deli, belongs in the conversation with pastrami destination Katz’s. “Very underrated,” agrees fmogul, who ranks it among the city’s best kosher delis. Brian W, however, warns us away from the corned beef: “It was terrible.”

Pastrami Queen [Upper East Side]
1125 Lexington Avenue (between E. 78th and 79th streets), Manhattan

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Photo from Pastrami Queen / Facebook

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