Chowhound Find: The SGV’s Banana Leaf, an Indonesian Gem

Like Arcadia, Monterey Park, and Rosemead, Temple City usually draws Angelenos to the SGV for Chinese food. But one Chowhound recently discovered another reason to visit: Banana Leaf, a simple Indonesian café with a not-so-simple menu.

Will Owen has ordered a number of dishes, including some he’s never had before: beef rendang, fried smashed chicken, a pile of red chile paste, rice wrapped in banana leaf, fried peanuts with anchovies, and egg balado, whole boiled eggs with red chile paste (pictured). The iced rose-petal drink goes well with the food, refreshing the palate between bites of rich, fiery, and sweet food. The staff is nice, and the prices make it a real bargain: Will Owen's tab for two, before tip, was less than $20.

Banana Leaf [San Gabriel Valley]
5835 Temple City Boulevard, Temple City

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Photo from Banana Leaf / Facebook

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