The vibe at San Francisco’s Presidio Social Club is classic: retro dining rooms, white-jacketed waiters, country-club comfort foods like veal chops (pictured) and meatloaf, and pretty cocktails, plus it’s close to the Golden Gate Bridge and one of the most magnificent vistas in the United States. Despite these charms, the PSC is surprisingly low-key, a place as yet undiscovered by tourists.

One Chowhound, Malcolm Ruthven, counts himself a fan. The PSC’s meatloaf with crispy onions and pan gravy is the best he’s had, a far cry from common ketchupy versions. The smashed peas with mint oil are a memorable side. And unlike many a cramped and noisy restaurant downtown, the Presidio Social Club is spacious and relaxing. Tourists take note.

Presidio Social Club [Presidio]
563 Ruger Street, San Francisco

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Photo from Presidio Social Club / Facebook

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