Salt-packed or brined, capers add a punch of bright, astringent flavor to savory preps. Here are six caper-driven dishes showing up on Chowhounds’ tables:

1. Tomato sauce spiked with capers, green olives, and raisins—the backbone of huachinango a la Veracruzana (Veracruz-style red snapper)—is also great with chicken. –valerie

2. White wine, thyme, and garlic flavor this braised chicken with capers. –valerie

3. Capers mix with garlic, chiles, and basil to flavor a quick lemon chicken pasta. This dish also works with high-quality canned tuna in place of the bird. –Breadcrumbs

4. Lemon juice and capers perk up these delicious mushrooms roasted with butter and garlic. –GretchenS

5. Capers are the perfect accent in this rustic bread with black olives. –HillJ

6. This entrée pasta salad with canned tuna in olive oil gets character from lots of capers, chopped giardiniera, artichoke hearts, and olives. –GretchenS

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Photo by Flickr member m.mate under Creative Commons

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