Turkish delight (also known as locum) is a gelée candy dusted with powdered sugar. It’s usually flavored with rose water or fruit essence—premium versions feature pistachios, walnuts, or other nuts embedded in the gel. Locum is an ancient confection common all over the Middle East and Europe, but good versions are hard to find in the United States. Lucky for Angelenos, wonderful handmade locum is as close as the San Fernando Valley, via Nory Candy and Pastry in Winnetka.

Chowhound liu recently visited the factory and got a tour, a nice chat with owner Armand Sahakian, and plenty of delicious locum. Unlike cheaper versions, liu says, Sahakian’s handmade candies are “marshmallow soft and full of intense flavors. … Such ancient food crafts would be lost if not for a single entrepreneur who keeps it going.”

Because Sakahian plays so many parts—cook, sales rep, delivery man—keeping regular shop hours is a bit of a challenge. If you plan to visit Nory, call first to make sure someone will be there.

Nory Candy and Pastry [San Fernando Valley – West]
20117 Vanowen Street, 

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Photo from Nory Candy and Pastry / Facebook

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