Leske’s Bakery is a Brooklyn survivor, founded a half-century ago in once–heavily Scandinavian Bay Ridge. Over the decades it expanded its repertoire—and its following—offering Italian, Irish, and American goodies alongside Danish kringles and Swedish limpa bread. In May 2011 it closed, leaving devotees in mourning until new owners reopened it last summer with bakers from the original shop. Now Leske’s has branched out with a second shop in Park Slope and Chowhounds are all over it, savoring its Danishes, éclairs, bear claws, and black and white cookies (pictured), among other treats. “Thought these types of bakeries disappeared,” jeeg writes. “This will definitely be my guilty pleasure.” Others yearn for the traditional sweets, loaded with butter and almond paste. “I love their Scandinavian stuff,” jen kalb says, “and hope that the standards stay as high.”

Leske’s Bakery [South Slope]
588 Fifth Avenue (between 16th and 17th streets), Brooklyn

Leske’s Bakery [Bay Ridge]
7612 Fifth Avenue (near 76th Street), Brooklyn

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Photo from Leske’s Bakery / Facebook

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