A great chicken pot pie is a satisfying meal, but finding even a good one can be a problem. Gluey filling, greasy pastry—many fail to rise above the level of a Hungry-Man TV dinner.

In San Francisco, Chowhound little big al likes the pot pie at Brioche Bakery in North Beach for its puff-pastry crown and robust chicken flavor.

Though ownership has changed since Chowhounds first fell in love with the gravy-rich version at The Liberty Café in Bernal Heights, the new owners still use the old recipe and produce a quality pie (pictured), RBofSF says.

And the frozen pot pie at Bakesale Betty used to be a good choice in the East Bay, jaiko recalls, but with the Oakland bakery’s restricted hours and increasingly limited menu, it’s best to call ahead to see if it’s available.

Brioche Bakery & Café [North Beach]
210 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco

The Liberty Café [Bernal Heights]
410 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

Bakesale Betty [East Bay]
5098 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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Photo from The Liberty Café / Facebook

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