Anchovies are essential to Green Goddess dressing and a classic Caesar, but their umami-packed usefulness doesn’t end there. Anchovies add a powerfully savory hit to dressings like the CHOW Test Kitchen’s Lemon-Garlic Vinaigrette, perfect for tossing with hearty greens like chicories, or for dressing bread salad.

If you fear excessive fishiness, go easy: Start with one fillet, and add more to taste if it’s not enough. Exercise a little caution, and you’ll end up with a deeper, richer flavor without the funk.

Keep in mind that the better the anchovy, the better the results, so don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest ones on the shelf. If you can find them, white anchovies have a milder flavor than common brown ones, but just as much richness, cheesemonger says. Another option is anchovy paste in a tube, which is easy to mix into a dressing little by little, to taste. Or add good-quality Thai or Vietnamese fish sauce (made from anchovies) by the dash.

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Photo by Flickr member MrB-MMX under Creative Commons

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