You don’t need a backyard grill or pit smoker to make great pork spareribs—it’s possible to turn out tender, succulent beauties in your kitchen. Try these six oven and stovetop recipes that Chowhounds love:

1. It doesn’t get much simpler than “delicious and fall-off-the-bone” spareribs baked in barbecue sauce. –Dirtywithextraolives

2. Cherry peppers are key to the great flavor of these tomato-sauced braised spareribs with rigatoni, a dish that’s “messy fun to eat.” –Terrie H.

3. Chinese restaurant–style five-spice spareribs are marinated, then browned, and finally simmered in a flavorful sauce. –alliegator

4. Five-spice powder is in the rub for these “really good” spareribs with teriyaki glaze from Tyler Florence. –ChrisKC

5. White wine, garlic, and honey go into bright-tasting spareribs roasted with vinegar and red pepper. –GretchenS

6. Oven-braised spareribs soak up flavor from soy sauce, red wine, star anise, leeks, ginger, and garlic. –ipsedixit

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Photo by Flickr member naotakem under Creative Commons

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