Word spread quickly that Scream Sorbet, an East Bay–based producer of wonderfully creamy sorbets loved by many Chowhounds and the New York Times, would close in March, absent a savior with deep pockets.

The sorbet maker posted a sign at its Mountain View farmers’ market stand informing customers to stock up now. Lovers of the fantastic nut and citrus flavors took to Chowhound to mourn.

Nathan Kurz, the founder of Scream, hopped on the thread to clarify: Alameda County Health has required architectural plans to support required renovations, but Scream doesn’t have the funds to comply. Also, winter hit hard, leaving the sorbet manufacturer with $50,000 in unpaid invoices. To stay in business, Scream needs an investor to help tackle the backlog of bills and plan for an expansion to keep the business stable.

Right now, the plans are to close in early March.

Scream Sorbet [East Bay]
5030 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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Photo of Scream’s Thai basil sorbet by Flickr member kthread under Creative Commons

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