Hong Kong street eats have come in from the cold this winter at Wing Kee Day Cart Noodles. This two-month-old restaurant in Chinatown serves a noodle soup with vegetables crowned by a superior chicken cutlet, made to order with no shortcuts, Chandavkl reports on Chowhound. Sandwiches, meats over rice or spaghetti, a four-for-$4 steam-table deal, and $3.50 breakfast choices—congee, noodles, two eggs with meat and toast—round out the budget-priced menu.

A larger breakfast selection can be had at Cha Chan Tang, a Hong Kong–style café that’s become a neighborhood hot spot since it opened a couple of years ago. Chowhound pravit is a morning regular for fried noodles, pork–preserved egg congee, or peanut-sauce rice-noodle rolls (choose two of the three) for $4. But what caught Chandavkl’s eye on the vast menu was Yunnan rice noodles in fish broth in a dozen variations with meats, seafood, or bean curd. The soup is “absolutely fantastic,” he says. Those who don’t want the default noodle can substitute others, including egg or instant noodles.

Around the corner at Cutting Board, which opened in November, the noodles lean Italian with Asian notes: linguine with clam and miso butter (pictured); spaghetti with pork chop and tonkatsu sauce; pasta with shrimp, mushroom, sake, and togarashi spice blend. Chandavkl—who was not leaning Italian as he surveyed the menu, a Hong Kong–style East-West mash-up—went for the lobster sliders, filled with ground beef topped by lobster-roll filling, and found them “good, not great.” But, he adds, “it’s nice to see innovation in Manhattan Chinatown.”

Wing Kee Day Cart Noodles [Chinatown]
95 Chrystie Street (between Hester and Grand streets), Manhattan

Cha Chan Tang [Chinatown]
45 Mott Street (between Bayard and Pell streets), Manhattan

Cutting Board [Chinatown]
53 Bayard Street (near Elizabeth Street), Manhattan

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Photo from Cutting Board

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