Beer sommeliers, representation on high-end restaurant beverage lists, a beer-garden renaissance: America’s going through a beer revolution at the moment. The last barrier standing just might be the nation’s cooking pots. A lot of recipes call for wine, but beer is still an unusual moistening agent, despite the odd Flemish carbonnade or Welsh rarebit. Here at CHOW, we’re all about ushering in the next big thing, even if it’s only that bottle of Corona you add to a beef stew. So enjoy these five recipes, ranging from breakfast to dessert, that call for the world’s oldest fermented beverage. Bon appétit! Also: Prost.

Campfire Beer Pancakes are the perfect breakfast food, but that isn’t an excuse to chug a brew first thing in the morning. Unless you want to. Get the recipe>>

It’s the fizzy brew in these cheddar-enriched Beer Biscuits that helps make them light. Use a packaged baking mix, or make your own. Get the recipe>>

Dos Equis adds complexity and a touch of bitterness to these ancho chile–laced Black Beans with Mexican Beer. Get the recipe>>

Perfect for a holiday dinner or Sunday supper, this dark beer–moistened Garlicky Pot Roast gets body and a bit of complex sweetness via crumbled gingersnaps. Get the recipe>>

Refreshing Frozen Lambic Ice is the purest of all beer recipes—it’s nothing more than simple syrup mixed with lambic, a Belgian-style wheat beer flavored with cherries or raspberries. Get the recipe>>

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