Local! Organic! Artisanal! These buzzwords pretty much guarantee you’ll pay a hefty surcharge for your pickle, beer, or bagel, but what about salt? While regions around the world are known for the white stuff, no one is standing in line for preciously packaged containers of salt from the San Francisco Bay. Why’s that?

On Chowhound, Ruth Lafler says that the United States does not offer organic certification for salt, so that’s not even an option. As far as locally produced sea salts, there are some available at area farmers’ markets and even at dollar stores, but there’s one catch: They stink.

ML8000 breaks it down: “Generally SF Bay sea salt gets low marks in taste and isn’t anything special.” One Chowhound user saw some San Francisco Bay salt on sale at the 99-cent store, but opted instead for Sicilian sea salt.

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Aerial photo of commercial salt beds in San Francisco Bay by Flickr member Laurel Fan under Creative Commons

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