LA’s great ramen has inspired a huge community of ramen fans. So when one of the area’s big ramen players adds a menu special, fans pay attention. On a recent unseasonably warm day, Chowhound Fig Newton ended up at Santouka Ramen in Torrance. A sign for a new special—hot “brothless” ramen (pictured)—caught Fig Newton’s eye. It could not go untasted.

The “Bolognese-like” sauce had minced meat and vegetables underneath a perfectly soft-cooked egg. Daikon greens and par-blanched bean sprouts and cabbage were all part of the package, all stirred up with chile paste for a little heat. Fig Newton’s verdict: delicious. Santouka’s broth-free ramen is available Thursdays through Sundays for the next few weeks, but get there early—they’re only making 20 orders per day.

Santouka Ramen [South Bay]
21515 Western Avenue, Torrance

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Photo by Fig Newton

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