Until it closed a couple of years ago, SOS Chefs was a high-end pantry for New York cooks, stocking smartly selected spices, oils, nuts, vinegars, and especially wild mushrooms, truffles, and other prized perishables from a cooler at the back of the shop.

Now its gracious mom-and-pop owners have reopened with the same top-shelf offerings but a slightly tweaked name, SOS Chefs 2020, and a shift in focus from mostly wholesale trade (Momofuku‘s David Chang, among other celeb chefs, has been a regular) to retail for the rest of us. “Before,” owner Atef Boulaabi says, “we were chef, chef, chef.”

Chowhounds are celebrating the return of SOS Chefs by hitting the kitchen. “I missed this place so much!” tazerowe said the other day. “Looking forward to my fresh chanterelle dinner tonight!”

SOS Chefs 2020 [East Village]
104 Avenue B (between E. Sixth and Seventh streets), Manhattan

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Photo from DNAinfo.com

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