Draw a Venn diagram that includes a waterfront location, a “pizza consultant,” and a wood-fired oven, and at the intersection you’ll find Forge, a new restaurant in Oakland’s Jack London Square. Jeff Krupman, known from his pop-ups as The Pizza Hacker, worked with the chefs here to develop a signature yeasty crust graced with a touch of alderwood-smoked salt.

The early Chowhound word on Forge’s pizza is a big yes: Robert Lauriston ranks it among the top five in the East Bay, with nice scorch and the right balance between crispy and chewy. Other menu items worth checking out include smoked chicken wings, airy fried potato puffs, and, if you’re feeling ambitious, fried cheese curds.

Ambiance is another plus: The outdoor fire pits emit a siren song, calling passersby to the patio seating area, while a pleasant hubbub indoors makes it a nice choice for families with young children.

Forge [East Bay]
66 Franklin Street, Oakland

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Photo from Forge / Facebook

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