It’s not hard to spend a serious chunk of change on a quality steak in LA—Chowhound don took doesn’t mind racking up a big tab every now and then for a fantastic cut. But on Chowhound recently, carnivores shared a few go-to restaurants capable of satisfying a craving for less than $50 per person.

Chez Jay is a Santa Monica dive bar that’s been serving good steak and seafood for over 50 years. Thor123 says the priciest steak on the menu is the filet mignon béarnaise for $31, and that’s not a la carte: You get soup or salad, plus a potato and garlic bread.

Servorg likes the nautical-themed Galley, where cut prices range from $24 to $31. There’s a sea of choices to go with: baked potato, fries, garlic mashed, onion rings, rice, plus broccoli, asparagus, creamed spinach, or—wait for it—canned corn. westsidegal grabs a martini when she’s on board, but warns visitors not to expect any craft mixology, just good old-fashioned bartending.

Carlitos Gardel is named for Argentina’s King of Tango, and ipsedixit likes the home-style Argentine meat grilling. Cuts are available in a variety of ways, for instance as a Milanese (filet mignon pounded thin, breaded, and fried) and the classic Argentine rib-eye with chimichurri sauce.

• For food and service, josephnl likes Nick’s in Laguna Beach. A sirloin is $19, a center cut filet (pictured) $29, and both come with a baked potato and veggies. And you can get the same good deal at Nick’s San Clemente location.

Chez Jay [Westside – Beaches]
1657 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

The Galley [Westside – Beaches]
2442 Main Street, Santa Monica

Carlitos Gardel [Mid-City]
7963 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Nick’s [Orange County]
440 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach

Nick’s [Orange County]
213 Avenida del Mar,
 San Clemente

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Photo from Nick’s San Clemente / Facebook

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