Baklava is an ancient layered pastry with roots in Central Asia. From Turkey to Mongolia, cooks use varying ingredients, but one thing is constant: Baklava is a celebration dessert, traditionally so labor-intensive and pricey that only royalty had the privilege of eating it. But you don’t have to be king or queen to eat the best baklava in the San Fernando Valley. Chowhound liu recently found a divine Turkish version at Gulluoglu Pastry in Granada Hills. “I have never had any baklava like this…fresh, crispy, creamy, oozing with honey and delicious!”

The walnut baklava (pictured) was a standout, but chocolate baklava was good, too. The rolled cream-and-pistachio baklava called sobiyet is on the menu, along with su boregi, phyllo stuffed with savory ground beef.

Gulluoglu Pastry [San Fernando Valley – West]
10662 Zelzah Avenue, Granada Hills

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Photo from Gulluoglu Pastry

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