The proprietor of Kofte Piyaz, a cozy little Turkish grill in Sunset Park, declares his red lentil soup the best in Brooklyn, and who’s to say he’s wrong? Not linda313, a Chowhound who found it beautifully seasoned with a touch of mint. In fact, the soup and salads here have people talking as much as the signature grilled meats: missmasala recommends the coban salad, a mix of chopped tomato, cucumber, and other vegetables with feta, and a mustardy (if slightly salty) warm potato salad. And linda313 loves the piyaz of the restaurant’s name: a salad of white beans, tomato, and chopped hard-boiled egg dressed with creamy, lemony tahini sauce.

As for those meats, missmasala says the köfte (meatballs) are excellent, lamb sausage decent, and chicken a little dry. Desserts—baklava and almond pudding—are worth a try, too. “On the whole,” missmasala says, “I really liked the place. The owner is very affable and clearly loves his cuisine, making everything himself.” And she notes that Köfte Piyaz brings something different to a neighborhood where hounds tend to obsess over Chinese, Vietnamese, and Latin American chow: “It’s nice to have a place like this in Sunset Park for when I’m tired of eating Mexican or Asian.”

Köfte Piyaz [Sunset Park]
881 Fifth Avenue (between 38th and 39th streets), Brooklyn

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Photo from Köfte Piyaz / Facebook

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