Saigon Flavor’s pho beats the other local attempts, says csrbeach, even if the herb plate only has basil, bean sprouts, and lime. Broth has good flavor and pho tai has a nicely sized portion of meat. They also have bun, banh xeo, com tam, and banh mi.

Banh mi is fairly impressive, says DiveFan–the baguette is nice and crusty like Lee’s. There aren’t very many choices, though, just grilled pork and a few others, and not enough pickled vegetables for crunch.

Saigon Flavor’s banh mi is $4, pho with iced coffee, tax and tip is $12.

Tapioca Express does pretty well with banh mi too, although they just call it “sandwich.” Baguette is very crispy and larger than either Saigon Flavor’s or Lee’s, says DiveFan, plus you get a generous amount of meat and pickled carrot, daikon, and jalapeno. Even better, it’s only $2.75.

Saigon Flavor [South Bay]
2515 W. Carson St., Torrance

Tapioca Express [South Bay]
1425 W. Artesia Blvd. Unit #19, Gardena

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