Corner Place is well known for its cold noodles, but don’t try to get them to go–the recipe is top secret. Not even the owners know how it’s made, says greengelato–it’s concocted by an elderly lady who makes it herself and has the soup shipped in top-secret white vans to the restaurant’s two locations. Afraid of someone figuring out the recipe, management doesn’t allow takeout even of the leftovers.

So what is this stuff? It’s not the better known mul naeng myun but dongchimi gooksu–white wheat noodles in a broth based on the pickling juice of dongchimi, lightly pickled daikon.

The texture of the noodles is just perfect, says Pei, better than the insipidly soft versions of Taiwanese mien xien (pulled noodles) here. The dongchimi broth is kind of sweet and fizzy, like 7-Up (which some think may be one of the secret ingredients). And for $7, you get a huge bowl. Corner Place’s BBQ (the traditional accompaniment to cold noodles) is pretty good too, and portions are just as large, so an order of each is perfect for two.

Gil Mok [Koreatown]
a.k.a. Corner Place Restaurant
2819 James M Wood Blvd., at 9th St., Los Angeles

Gil Mok [South Bay]
a.k.a. Corner Place Restaurant
19100 Gridley Rd., Cerritos

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