In New York, it feels like a good week to dive into a pot of warm melted cheese. So tastehub suggests on Chowhound that the blizzard-weary seek refuge in fondue at Heidi. This six-month-old Swiss restaurant in the East Village mixes Appenzeller, Gruyère, and Vacherin Fribourgeois cheeses into a rich, smooth, and warming blend for dipping with bread, vegetables, or fruit. Raclette (pictured), served with potato confit and house-made pickles, is also on the mark, “tasty and creamy with intense scent the way it’s supposed to be.”

The rest of the short menu includes cheese plates, cured meats like smoky, cider-cured Appenzeller mostbröckli, and hearty entrées such as veal cordon bleu, pork ragout with wild mushroom sauce, grilled venison with spätzle and cabbage, and “Älpler Maccaroni,” a meaty spin on mac ‘n’ cheese crowned with pork belly and crisp fried onion. “Definitely a destination for the winter days,” tastehub says.

Heidi [East Village]
6 Extra Place (north of E. First Street, between the Bowery and Second Avenue), Manhattan

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Photo from Heidi / Facebook

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