A nasty cold or a case of the flu can rob you of your appetite, but Mom was right: Staying nourished and well-hydrated is important. Everybody knows about the healing mojo of chicken soup (including scientists), but after your third bowl, what then? It just so happens that Chowhounds have a bunch of suggestions for food and drinks that can leave you feeling better, or at least comforted, sorted by symptom:

Mix honey and the juice of a lemon with hot water and sip. If you don’t have to work or drive, add a slug of whiskey or brandy—the alcohol will warm you, and is a cough suppressant.

Hot, brothy soups are hydrating, and spicy ones can clear the sinuses to get you breathing again. Naturally, Chowhounds look to Asian cuisines for soup relief: Chinese hot-and-sour, Thai tom yum, Korean kimchi-tofu soondubu (pictured), and Vietnamese pho with healthy doses of Sriracha and lime.

When the flu leaves your digestive system touchy, it’s best to stick with plain, easily digested foods: applesauce, plain broth, dry toast or crackers, white rice cooked in vegetable or chicken broth, and jook (rice porridge). For nausea, sip flat ginger ale, or steep slices of fresh ginger in hot water for a soothing tea.

For more recipe ideas, check out CHOW’s gallery of soups to soothe a cold.

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