One dependable pleasure of a New York winter is the brief but rewarding spiny lobster season at 15 East. For just a few weeks, this high-end sushi restaurant brings in Ise ebi, as the crustacean is also known, and serves it three ways: sashimi, tempura, and in miso soup.

Chowhound fooder, who added spiny lobster to a full omakase dinner, says the sashimi (pictured) was pleasingly crisp in texture, its sweetness accentuated by ponzu sauce. The tempura was lightly battered and fried to a turn, served with lemon-butter sauce and shishito pepper tempura that lent a welcome bitter note. The lobster soup, made with whatever was left of the critter, was a deeply flavorful climax to the savory courses.

“I love, love, loved it too!” kosmose7 declares. “Having live spiny lobster in New York! That is really something!” 15 East expects to have Ise ebi through February and is charging $90 for the trio of courses. But call ahead: The supply is unpredictable.

15 East [Union Square]
15 E. 15th Street (between Fifth Avenue and Union Square West), Manhattan

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Photo by kosmose7

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