File under things we love: I Love My Pressure Cooker Week over at America’s Test Kitchen Feed. ATK sent pressure cookers to food bloggers around the country—folks without any prior pressure cooker experience—to see what what would happen. Today’s contribution: Linda Miller Nicholson of the Salty Seattle blog’s amazing-looking braised chicken. Go check it out. Then, to up your pressure-cooker game, watch the video about pressure cookers in our MDRN KTCHN series with Modernist Cuisine’s Scott Heimendinger. It’s called Why Pressure Cookers Are Awesome—Scott explains why pressure cookers are more than just about the benefit of cooking at warp speed. Use it right, and your pressure cooker can actually make your food taste better, via a process of ultra-caramelization.

Then, check out our easy pressure-cooker recipes. Told you we loved our pressure cooker.

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