Fans of the food at SF dive bar Broken Record are a devoted bunch, so anticipation was high when Broken Record’s kitchen masterminds announced they were opening a spin-off called Rickybobby in the Lower Haight, a neighborhood known more for bars than for good food.

The prices at Rickybobby are higher than Broken Record’s (probably because Lower Haight rents are higher than Excelsior ones), but many of the dishes are the same. Seek out the hearty serving of spicy crawfish grits with pork belly, and a lobster mac ‘n’ cheese (pictured) with a ridiculous amount of crustacean.

Sorry to break it to fans of Broken Record’s signature burger with ground bacon, but it’s different here, Keesey reports on Chowhound, and not necessarily better. The bacon flavor is milder, and since the double patties each have their own slice of American cheese, it’s all a bit too cheesy.

Meanwhile, CHOW copy chief DeborahL busts out the caps lock for the imperative to “SAVE ROOM FOR THE PIE”: pecan-walnut, pistachio crumble, vanilla ice cream. Boom, sold.

Rickybobby [Lower Haight]
400 Haight Street, San Francisco
No phone number available

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Image of lobster mac ‘n’ cheese from Flickr member Charkrem under Creative Commons

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