Some restaurants do everything right but still don’t get the love they deserve. That’s the case with To Hyang, a little-known place with Korean dishes unusual for San Francisco, vulber says on Chowhound.

A balance of the well-known and the unusual makes To Hyang good for a range of diners. Dishes that excite Korean aficionados include yukhoe, raw beef with pear, ginger, and garlic; oxtails cooked with dates and chestnuts; and a soup of soybean paste fermented in house. Chef-owner Hwa-Soon Im’s standards are so high she makes her own soy sauce—peek out the back window to see her jars of fermenting kimchi, soybean paste, and soy sauce.

Since To Hyang is a favorite with chefs, keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces. Incanto‘s Chris Cosentino has eaten there with Anthony Bourdain (pictured with Hwa-Soon Im). And Liholiho Yacht Club‘s Ravi Kapur adores the oxtails.

To Hyang [Inner Richmond]
3815 Geary Street, San Francisco

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Photo of Chris Cosentino, Hwa-Soon Im, and Anthony Bourdain from To Hyang / Facebook

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