Chowhounds have long loved the fried chicken at Flossie’s Southern Cuisine in Torrance. Rich in flavor and perfectly crispy, it’s mstinawu’s favorite; Ogawak thinks that nobody comes close to making sides as good as Flossie’s mac ‘n’ cheese, red beans, and peach cobbler. Recent updates have stirred new Chowhound buzz.

It’s now possible to buy an eight-piece box of chicken (you could previously only get two-piecers). For $24, you get the eight pieces, two sides, and cornbread. Even better: The chicken’s now fried to order. The wait can be 10 minutes or more per order, but that’s just fine with FoodObessive. Baked chicken and catfish are available now, too.

Flossie’s Southern Cuisine [South Bay]
3566 Redondo Beach Boulevard, Torrance

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Photo by Flickr member andhong09 via Creative Commons

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