Track Down LA’s Porchetta Truck ASAP

Evan Funke should be opening Bucato in Culver City's Helms Bakery District any day now. Until he does, the Rustic Canyon and Milo and Olive alumnus is cruising around in a pork-based mobile kitchen known as the Porchetta Truck. Funke's keeping it simple on-board, offering only a porchetta sandwich (pictured) with one option: a perfectly fried egg.

Hound Mattapoisett in LA recently tracked down Funke and his crew on a street in Santa Monica. His advice? Plan a visit soon, before Bucato opens and the truck comes to a permanent halt. The sandwich is startlingly good, the meat a perfect blend of crispy, fatty, and meaty. And, though Mattapoisett’s generally a fan of egg toppings, he thinks it isn't necessary here—it sort of overpowers the porchetta’s lovely rosemary and fennel flavors.

Porchetta Truck [Mobile]
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Photo of porchetta sandwich from BucatoLA / Twitter

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