Fukurou, an izakaya chain from Tokyo, planted its flag in the Village a month ago, bringing relatively cheap Japanese pub food to a neighborhood that could use more of it. Early winners on the diner-friendly illustrated menu include seared yellowtail, avocado tofu (pictured), taro croquettes, raw octopus with wasabi, and fried whole fish that you eat bones and all, Chowhounds report. The place is small, with just a counter plus table seating for around a dozen; the vibe is low-key and welcoming; and beer, wine, and sake flow freely. “This is definitely a place to just chill and enjoy with friends,” BinkyB says.

Fukurou [Greenwich Village]
87 MacDougal Street (between Bleecker and Houston streets), Manhattan

Discuss: Japan’s Fukurou izakaya has opened a New York branch

Photo from Fukurou

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