Chowhound driggs has struck hot molten gold at Landin Macaroni & Cheese in the South Bronx, a tiny takeout shop where a veteran restaurant cook is chasing a dream. Sergio Sanchez (pictured, left), who moved to New York 15 years ago from Morelia, Mexico, is turning out some of the best mac ‘n’ cheese driggs has had, creamy inside and nearly burnt on top. Standouts among the seven or so varieties include Mexican style (spicy with ground beef) and vegetarian (with mushrooms and broccoli). Each serving is carefully prepared and boxed with two forks to go. “I am always thinking. Always have ideas,” the chef told driggs. “I have worked in kitchens all my life and wanted a different place. I love macaroni and cheese.”

Anyone who also loves sweets and doesn’t mind trekking a few miles north will find a terrific dessert at a Dominican street stand near the old Kingsbridge armory. NewYorkNewHaven says this vendor sells killer sweet potato cake—flavored much like pumpkin pie—and very good puddings of rice or corn (for a full illustrated report, check out Serious Eats). “Don’t go out of your way unless you’re a fiend for sweet potato cake,” NewYorkNewHaven advises, “but certainly pick something up when you’re in the neighborhood.”

Landin Macaroni & Cheese [Bronx]
705 Melrose Avenue (near E. 155th Street), Bronx

Dominican street vendor [Bronx]
South side of E. Kingsbridge Road near Creston Avenue
No phone available

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Dominican Sweets Street Vendor on East Kingsbridge Rd In The Bronx

Photo by driggs

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