The annual Sons of Norway Lutefisk and Meatball Dinner is taking place Nov. 10 and 11, starting at 4 p.m. In addition to the lutefisk (fish soaked in lye, but don’t be afraid) with melted butter, there are the meatballs with gravy, potatoes, peas, lefse (flatbread) and dessert.

The way things work is that you enter the building, tell them how many people are in your party (no reservations) and pay. (Last year it was about $18.) They give you a ticket and you wait for a table–this can last more than an hour. In the meantime, there’s a sale behind the lodge where you can buy lefse and lefse makers, and other Scandinavian products. There’s also a bar serving aquavit and bad wine.

Parking is crazy in the residential neighborhood–you can park at the nearby Central Lutheran Church, at the northwest corner of Victory and Tyrone.

Also, the SVEA Christmas pageant is coming up Dec. 3. You can get meatballs, gravy and lingonberries as well as Scandinavian holiday decorations, gifts, and books, and there’s a classic Lucia procession.

Norrona Lodge Hall [East San Fernando Valley]
a.k.a. Sons of Norway
14312 Friar St., Van Nuys

The Hollywood Palladium [Hollywood]
6215 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

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