Some seek comfort when they go out, others crave a touch of theater. A recent discussion on Chowhound toted up the weirdest, most interesting restaurant dishes in San Francisco. Naturally, deliciousness was also a factor.

Behold, San Francisco’s freaky five:

• Shabu shabu-style “lamb eggs” (pictured, front right—think Rocky Mountain Oysters) at Old Mandarin Islamic.

• Skewered chicken hearts and skin at Nojo.

• The sea urchin at Anchor & Hope, presented “in full, spindly shell with crab beurre blanc,” CarrieWas218 says.

• Fluorescent green sorbet made from coconut and kale at Scream.

Rich Table‘s sardine chip, a fried fish threaded through a potato slice, equal parts delicious and cool-looking, according to waldrons.

Old Mandarin Islamic [Outer Richmond]
3132 Vincente Street, San Francisco

Rich Table [Hayes Valley]
199 Gough Street, San Francisco

Nojo [Hayes Valley]
231 Franklin Street, San Francisco

Anchor & Hope [South of Market]
83 Minna Street, San Francisco

Scream Sorbet [East Bay]
5030 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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Photo of lamb eggs at Old Mandarin Islamic by Flickr member justin under Creative Commons

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